Website Optimization – SEO Basics For Your Site

by Joe Fuller

Using search engine optimization is a key way of the search engines noticing your site and ranking it in their search results.

Here’s how it works. A search engine sends a crawler bot to your site downloading a page onto their server. Then, an indexing program takes data from your page, including words and their placement, and the links on the page. The different engines have their individual algorithm to do their ranking process. This means that when you get better rankings in the search results, it’s more likely searchers will choose your site and page.

People want faster and faster results as time has gone on, and will not necessarily go beyond the first page. Aim to get your pages moved onto that first page for your keywords.

Think about these. The engine’s crawler bots are checking out a few things. They look for links, how much traffic there is to the site, and maybe the Page Rank of a specific page though this is considered by some people as not so important any more. A page is more likely to be checked when it’s nearer to your root directory on your server.

This is free, and generally targeted, traffic if you can get the SEO right.

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