Email Marketing Is Easy Isn’t It?

by Joe Fuller

Email marketing is easy, isn’t it? You’re just sending a few emails.

In email marketing, your list is the key element in your marketing overall. Strangely, many people forget about the offer they’re making to that list. They might have attractive emails with good open rates and the number of subscribers reading them. Yet they don’t give the subscribers a motivation to take any action. That is, they have no real offer. They’ve gained trust and credibility and then it’s as if they’ve walked away. There’s no result for their business.

An offer is giving the subscribers a reason to take some action that you want them to take. It might be simple like: “Get this offer now!” or have more to it: ” When you buy this offer before tomorrow midnight you get these 25 bonuses!” Obviously, any offer is better than no offer.

Some offers to your specific list will be stronger than others. You aim to match offers to your list. Do this by split testing: send one offer to X list and another to Y list, then compare the results. You’ll find that some have more take up than others for your list.

Here are some generic examples. They’re generic so they won’t necessarily work with your exact list – you have to find out what does work.

1 Have a contest – “Win £3000 and a trip to your favorite holiday destination!”

2 It’s free!

3 Reduced by 30%

4 Limitations: “Only available until 1 midnight!” or “Only 10 left!”

5 Get this information now by filling in the form.

6 Click to arrange for one of our qualified associates to call you

These are generic examples. Make sure you find out what works for your list and your offer.

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