Search Engine Optimization – 2 Tips To Help The Crawlers

by Joe Fuller

To help you when you do a search, search engines use crawlers or robots in the background. These check your website to see if it’s worth recognizing as being relevant at the time the crawler goes through it. From this information, the search engine decides whereabouts in search results for a particular search your site should be, relative to others.

Crawlers visit your site on a regular basis checking for your changes and put them into the information they’re collecting about it. The more you add new information the more often your site is crawled. Therefore, you get changes in the search results based on the new site changes.

Here are 2 tips to help the crawlers do their job to your advantage.

First, don’t let the information on your site get out of date. Once you leave your site as it is over a long period of time it will be seen as not relevant any more. Your place in the search results will go down.

Second, avoid using redirects to a different page that people click in the search results. You might have to do this sometimes, such as when you’re making significant changes. Even then, keep the time short that you’re doing this. Crawlers do not like to find redirects which look permanent.

A bonus tip: build backlinks to our site from other websites. So you have other sites pointing a link back to yours. This is one way of showing your credibility and that others think you’re relevant enough for people to visit.

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