Affiliate Marketing Business – Is It For You?

by Joe Fuller

I’m talking about where you use affiliates for your products in order to generate leads or sales. That is, you get traffic to your own website coming from one which has your ad on it or recommends your product. It’s to the advantage of both yourself and your affiliate. Plus, you only pay out to the affiliate on the basis of getting a result, that is the lead or sale.

Of course you need to make sure that where your ad is placed by the affiliate is to your advantage and not disadvantage. Simply have something on every site going will not really get people to your site. It’s best if you both have the same target market of prospects. So those who go to an affiliate website will likely find the same interest in your site.

Take the example of dietary products for losing weight. Good affiliate sites might be those to do with healthy living, self-development or exercise.

Being the affiliate has advantages in that they’re using their site effectively to generate profits. They can use a range of advertisers, providing there is no conflict of interest between any of them. This should be clear in the terms of service of each affiliate program. With products wanted by prospects in your niche, it can be an almost automated way of generating revenue when set up effectively.

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