Internet Marketing – Basic eCommerce Setup

by Joe Fuller

It is possible to use your own site to set up an eCommerce business. With WordPress you can use plugins to do so, though do your research first.

Here are the basics.

1 Make sure your products, or any services you offer, can be found on your site. You need to add a list or catalog of them. If not on your own site you can use dedicated services to do so, such as on Amazon or Ebay. But there are plenty of others of various quality and cost. Having a turnover of products means you do need to keep the site refreshed with them.

2 You have to be able to take orders. Your customers choose a product, put it into a shopping cart, and when they’re ready they can take it to a check out area in order to pay for their order. It is possible to get this separately if it’s for your own site. Services you pay for will have it built in.

3 Following on, you then need to have a system to take the actual payments. There are many companies now who you can just to do this, Paypal probably being the most well known.

Without any internet marketing and/or eCommerce experience at all you’ll be best served by using a service you pay for which will have everything set up for you, and you can maybe fit your site into it. You should get all the support you need, too.

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