Website Traffic For The Long Term From Content

by Joe Fuller

Content marketing is creating content in some form, with links back to your website, and publishing the content as unique content on other sites. Those sites have high traffic numbers that can find your content, while you’re giving the sites content to help the search engines in their rankings.

Now, this is not fast. Content builds traffic slowly over time. However, those who consume your content and click your link are showing an interest in your style and will probably buy from you later if they follow through further. Once they subscribe to your list and continue to like the way you work, they’ll probably buy even more from you over time.

Anyone who goes through your content and subscribes is qualifying themselves, much more than someone who simply clicks a flashing ad.

There are many sites of different kinds, for different formats, who will publish your content. I’m sure you know at least some of them. They’ll probably make money from ads on their sites from people attracted by the content. They get the advantage of many content creators putting their stuff on their site. However, the odds are that you’re getting the better deal as you likely get more out of each piece of content then the site does.

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