SEO On-Page To Do

by Joe Fuller

It’s important to use keywords in your in your page tags for effective search engine optimization. This is because those tags let the search engines know straight away what the main words of your page are. There are also other things to do to help the search engines know what your page is about.

As well as the keyword tags, use title tags, tags in your description of your page, and any heading tags during your content.

The content too is obviously key to helping search engines.

You need to be consistent across these elements, and include the keyword for the page.

First, put your keyword in the title of the page, usually placed best at the beginning.

Second, include the keyword in the description of the page. Search engines may use the description in the search results they show. Use normal sentence structures.

Third, if you use headings, you could put the keyword in those, although it’s probably best to avoid having them in bold. You don’t want it to appear as if your keyword stuffing your page.

In these ways your optimizing your page for SEO.

This is all you need on-page. The really effective SEO is off-page with backlinks.

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