Website Fundamentals – Are You Wasting Your Time?

by Joe Fuller

Some people are obsessed with “sexing up” their website with flashing graphics and complicated organization. However, to avoid getting dragged into that way of doing things, or drifting into it, consider the fundamentals.

First, people will find your site and want to stay there because of the stand-out content. Having said that, even stand-out content can struggle at this time to keep attention. Make it relevant and informative for your niche. People are searching for niche information which they want rather than being able to admire your flashing banner.

Second, people have to be able to read any text on your site. Ever come across a black background with colored writing? How long did you stay? Or that site with the tiny font covering several pages of content? Did you struggle your way through it?

Also, check that things work in different browsers.

Third, make sure your visitors can get round your site easily, otherwise they’ll give up. A clear silo organization helps search engines as well as visitors. Have your categories well placed, as well as internal links. On top of those, include a site map.

Fourth, do a regular check for viruses, and  links no longer working. Also, check your content when you’re publishing it to ensure it makes sense and communicates what you want it to.

Fifth, think simplicity, not complication. The only reason to add on graphics and so on is to create more value for the visitor in the information you provide. Give people what they want, which is the information they’re searching for.

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