Content Marketing – Improve Click Thrus

by Joe Fuller

Content marketing is one of the best actions to take in generating interested traffic that responds to your ongoing marketing. However, people must click thru from your content – otherwise limited or no traffic ist he result.

Now, this may seem obvious. But think of multiplying your click thrus. Would that increase your revenue?

Try these 3 methods to do that.

1 When you create content focus it on a single subject. Have you ever been surfing online and you’re just looking at stuff that looks generally interesting? That’s not the sort of traffic source you want. People who will buy from you are looking for focused content. They’re searching rather than surfing. Yes, you might get fewer visitors to your content but they are people who are more likely to click your link and go on to buy from you.

2 Ever read a title that looks so promising for what your searching for, then find the content is all over the place or it’s about something else? When your title says something like: “Tropical Fish Keeping At Home” you can guarantee people expect to be finding out about keeping tropical fish at home, and not, for example, how to look after pets. If the content fits the title visitors will probably go through to the end, and then click your link. Of course, if the content is not related to the title you drastically reduce the odds of that happening. It’s important to get them to the end of your content where they can then click to find out more.

3 The link must be about the content subject and its title. If it says something about “click the link for more on looking after your pets”, you’ll lose them. They are not looking for that subject, nor anything more from you. They want more on looking after tropical fish at home. So, a better link is something like: “Get more information on keeping tropical fish at home”.

Your content for traffic and web presence must fit with your freebie or other other content you send them to, and what follows after that.

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