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Month: May, 2016

Website Traffic For The Long Term From Content

Content marketing is creating content in some form, with links back to your website, and publishing the content as unique content on other sites. Those sites have high traffic numbers that can find your content, while you’re giving the sites content to help the search engines in their rankings.

Now, this is not fast. Content builds traffic slowly over time. However, those who consume your content and click your link are showing an interest in your style and will probably buy from you later if they follow through further. Once they subscribe to your list and continue to like the way you work, they’ll probably buy even more from you over time.

Anyone who goes through your content and subscribes is qualifying themselves, much more than someone who simply clicks a flashing ad.

There are many sites of different kinds, for different formats, who will publish your content. I’m sure you know at least some of them. They’ll probably make money from ads on their sites from people attracted by the content. They get the advantage of many content creators putting their stuff on their site. However, the odds are that you’re getting the better deal as you likely get more out of each piece of content then the site does.

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SEO On-Page To Do

It’s important to use keywords in your in your page tags for effective search engine optimization. This is because those tags let the search engines know straight away what the main words of your page are. There are also other things to do to help the search engines know what your page is about.

As well as the keyword tags, use title tags, tags in your description of your page, and any heading tags during your content.

The content too is obviously key to helping search engines.

You need to be consistent across these elements, and include the keyword for the page.

First, put your keyword in the title of the page, usually placed best at the beginning.

Second, include the keyword in the description of the page. Search engines may use the description in the search results they show. Use normal sentence structures.

Third, if you use headings, you could put the keyword in those, although it’s probably best to avoid having them in bold. You don’t want it to appear as if your keyword stuffing your page.

In these ways your optimizing your page for SEO.

This is all you need on-page. The really effective SEO is off-page with backlinks.

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Website Fundamentals – Are You Wasting Your Time?

Some people are obsessed with “sexing up” their website with flashing graphics and complicated organization. However, to avoid getting dragged into that way of doing things, or drifting into it, consider the fundamentals.

First, people will find your site and want to stay there because of the stand-out content. Having said that, even stand-out content can struggle at this time to keep attention. Make it relevant and informative for your niche. People are searching for niche information which they want rather than being able to admire your flashing banner.

Second, people have to be able to read any text on your site. Ever come across a black background with colored writing? How long did you stay? Or that site with the tiny font covering several pages of content? Did you struggle your way through it?

Also, check that things work in different browsers.

Third, make sure your visitors can get round your site easily, otherwise they’ll give up. A clear silo organization helps search engines as well as visitors. Have your categories well placed, as well as internal links. On top of those, include a site map.

Fourth, do a regular check for viruses, and  links no longer working. Also, check your content when you’re publishing it to ensure it makes sense and communicates what you want it to.

Fifth, think simplicity, not complication. The only reason to add on graphics and so on is to create more value for the visitor in the information you provide. Give people what they want, which is the information they’re searching for.

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Content Marketing – Improve Click Thrus

Content marketing is one of the best actions to take in generating interested traffic that responds to your ongoing marketing. However, people must click thru from your content – otherwise limited or no traffic ist he result.

Now, this may seem obvious. But think of multiplying your click thrus. Would that increase your revenue?

Try these 3 methods to do that.

1 When you create content focus it on a single subject. Have you ever been surfing online and you’re just looking at stuff that looks generally interesting? That’s not the sort of traffic source you want. People who will buy from you are looking for focused content. They’re searching rather than surfing. Yes, you might get fewer visitors to your content but they are people who are more likely to click your link and go on to buy from you.

2 Ever read a title that looks so promising for what your searching for, then find the content is all over the place or it’s about something else? When your title says something like: “Tropical Fish Keeping At Home” you can guarantee people expect to be finding out about keeping tropical fish at home, and not, for example, how to look after pets. If the content fits the title visitors will probably go through to the end, and then click your link. Of course, if the content is not related to the title you drastically reduce the odds of that happening. It’s important to get them to the end of your content where they can then click to find out more.

3 The link must be about the content subject and its title. If it says something about “click the link for more on looking after your pets”, you’ll lose them. They are not looking for that subject, nor anything more from you. They want more on looking after tropical fish at home. So, a better link is something like: “Get more information on keeping tropical fish at home”.

Your content for traffic and web presence must fit with your freebie or other other content you send them to, and what follows after that.

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Opt In Page – You Must Have One

Are you intending to build a list of subscribers? If so, you need an opt in page. If you put it as your home page people can sign up before they see your site.

Try different methods, such as having a form in your posts or in the sidebar or a hover page or one that flies in. Something that does not work for others might work very well for you. Do testing and tracking to find what’s best for you and your site.

You might want to block anyone getting into your site unless they sign up first. If they don’t opt in, there’s no access. Make your home page an opt in page and make sure nobody can hack round it.

Using an opt in page relevantly for your site will improve the odds of increasing revenue.

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