If You Want A Business As An Affiliate…

by Joe Fuller

…you have to accept you’re a sales person for the product owner. Maybe you already have a product, or a line of them. For example, in dog training. You have training videos and other training materials, plus some other products. You can make more money as an affiliate for somebody else as well.

You probably already know the kinds of products your visitors would be interested in. Maybe they’d be looking to buy training equipment too.

Do some investigation into such products and who offers an affiliate program. You can also check affiliate directories. When you find a business to be an affiliate for that’s suitable, check through their terms and conditions. Now, in your search you might find other items that you could sell you hadn’t thought of. For instance, you could be an Amazon affiliate selling books on dog training.

You add the links on your site to the items you’ve decided to sell. When you’re selling your own products you can recommend the affiliate related ones to be added to customers’ carts. When a customer buys one, you get a percentage of the sale price.

So, do some searching in your niche, choose relevant affiliates, join up, and put links on your site related to your own products.

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