Content Marketing – Filter Your Consumers

by Joe Fuller

You can generate both traffic and customers with content marketing.

You’ll be wondering why this can be. It’s because your content filters your traffic as increasingly targeted traffic. A consumer of your content has already shown an interest in what you have to say, so when they click your link they’re then interested in wanting to have more from you.

When someone is not interested in your content, maybe your style or presentation, they will click away. That’s ok because you only want people who will follow through and become subscribers and then customers. So, in fact, you want to be able to filter out anybody who will just waste your time if they’re not interested.

This is a significant advantage as you’ve already started the relationship with that person. They trust you and believe you enough to go further.

So when they start reading your emails you’re not starting from scratch but can build on the content, and intentions of their actions. Therefore, don’t be bothered about how many click away but concentrate on the number that click through.

Of course, you have to create a lot content to do this. And create content daily.

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