Content Marketing – Qualify Your Visitors

by Joe Fuller

One key reason to use content to get traffic is that it’s an easy way to filter people who arrive at your site.

Therefore, the people who are not really interested in your niche and what you have to communicate about it, click away from your content. The people who go through all your content are those really interested in yourself and what you can offer them.

Further on, in emails, you’re not just starting up a relationship with subscribers, as that began with your content. People on your list have needs and wants in your niche and you fit your emails to helping them with those needs and wants.

Your content is a filter, only letting through those who will actually benefit from what you have to offer.

In effect, you’re almost choosing the people who are on your list. It isn’t a general process, like search results traffic where you have to accept any visitor from there.

Some people will see your content, and if they don’t want it they click away. If people don’t like your tone or style they click away. However, when they want to find out more they click your link – there’s your business base.

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