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Month: April, 2016

If You Want A Business As An Affiliate…

…you have to accept you’re a sales person for the product owner. Maybe you already have a product, or a line of them. For example, in dog training. You have training videos and other training materials, plus some other products. You can make more money as an affiliate for somebody else as well.

You probably already know the kinds of products your visitors would be interested in. Maybe they’d be looking to buy training equipment too.

Do some investigation into such products and who offers an affiliate program. You can also check affiliate directories. When you find a business to be an affiliate for that’s suitable, check through their terms and conditions. Now, in your search you might find other items that you could sell you hadn’t thought of. For instance, you could be an Amazon affiliate selling books on dog training.

You add the links on your site to the items you’ve decided to sell. When you’re selling your own products you can recommend the affiliate related ones to be added to customers’ carts. When a customer buys one, you get a percentage of the sale price.

So, do some searching in your niche, choose relevant affiliates, join up, and put links on your site related to your own products.

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Will Video Enhance Your Sales Page?

You can use a video on your sales page to get your message across with sound and movement and color. With faster web speeds this becomes more common. You can even buy template sales pages with video placed on them.

However, just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s a must-have for your page. Do your prospects need to see a video? If you’re selling video related products or can show a process related to your product it will be a dynamic addition. If you sell dog food, maybe not.

If visitors to your sales page don’t need to see a video, maybe you need to make a judgement as to its effectiveness in persuading them. If it’s relevant it can grab the visitor’s attention and they might prefer that to reading through your copy. The voice over, also, can enhance the need for a quick decision by the visitor, as well as helping to develop trust in yourself and the product. At the very least it could engage them in going right through your message. They could even scroll down the page reading, while still listening to the video.

If it is relevant to use video, you still have to get it right. If your voice, for example, isn’t suitable, pay a professional to do it for you. You want a voice that will create trust and give the benefits of your product clearly.

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Content Marketing – Filter Your Consumers

You can generate both traffic and customers with content marketing.

You’ll be wondering why this can be. It’s because your content filters your traffic as increasingly targeted traffic. A consumer of your content has already shown an interest in what you have to say, so when they click your link they’re then interested in wanting to have more from you.

When someone is not interested in your content, maybe your style or presentation, they will click away. That’s ok because you only want people who will follow through and become subscribers and then customers. So, in fact, you want to be able to filter out anybody who will just waste your time if they’re not interested.

This is a significant advantage as you’ve already started the relationship with that person. They trust you and believe you enough to go further.

So when they start reading your emails you’re not starting from scratch but can build on the content, and intentions of their actions. Therefore, don’t be bothered about how many click away but concentrate on the number that click through.

Of course, you have to create a lot content to do this. And create content daily.

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Content Marketing – Qualify Your Visitors

One key reason to use content to get traffic is that it’s an easy way to filter people who arrive at your site.

Therefore, the people who are not really interested in your niche and what you have to communicate about it, click away from your content. The people who go through all your content are those really interested in yourself and what you can offer them.

Further on, in emails, you’re not just starting up a relationship with subscribers, as that began with your content. People on your list have needs and wants in your niche and you fit your emails to helping them with those needs and wants.

Your content is a filter, only letting through those who will actually benefit from what you have to offer.

In effect, you’re almost choosing the people who are on your list. It isn’t a general process, like search results traffic where you have to accept any visitor from there.

Some people will see your content, and if they don’t want it they click away. If people don’t like your tone or style they click away. However, when they want to find out more they click your link – there’s your business base.

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Content Marketing And Your Traffic

Developing continuous traffic is probably the most difficult thing to be done. Then, creating content and marketing with it might be just as difficult. However, I’m suggesting using both together.

Content will get you traffic but you have to create a lot of it. Because it isn’t an easy method many people never try it, or if they do they stop doing it. They’d rather go back to looking for a quick fix.

Of course, you might find anther way of traffic generation fits you and your business. Try one method at a time and see which produces the most and the best traffic for you.

This includes how many people purchase products from you, which is, of course, the key test.

Content creation does one specific thing very well, which leads to people buying from you. It develops a relationship between you and visitors and subscribers. Their starting point is a piece of your content. If they like it, they’ll click your link.

This is qualified traffic as they’ve already made a decision they like what they’ve seen so far and want more information from you. Those who don’t, would not have bought anything from you anyway. They would waste your time. Better to have less but qualified subscribers who have made that decision, coming from your content.

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