Internet Marketing – Are You New To It?

by Joe Fuller

Everybody basically does the wrong things at the beginning. It’s a learning process.

Are you doing a lot of reading, watching and listening online?

Do you have these thoughts about content as you go through it?

“It won’t work.”

“That’s a ridiculous thing to say.”

Instead: when you find some information, in whatever form, that looks like it might be useful to you, go through it all. Keep a completely open mind, so you’re not censoring yourself before you’ve even got the whole gist of it. After all, you’re the one who’s new to this and the marketer is the one who’s got his own products to sell. Take action on what they say, then find out if it’s really useful to you or not.

First, takes notes of the key ideas as you go through the content.

Second, go back to the start of the information and put into practice what is suggested. Don’t miss any actions out. If you do, it might be the key one, or if there is a dependent chain of actions and events, each li k will be important: so everything has to be included.

Third, when you do this, you’ll have learned things you didn’t expect to. And if it works for you, you’ve now got an advantage you didn’t have before, and could easily have lost. If it’s no use, you’ve learned something through a process of elimination, and that you need to avoid it. This could save you a lot of money.

Fourth, go on to the next information and do the same. Go through one set of actions at a time which is much more effective than trying to go through lots of different things at one time.

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