Backlinks – Why Use Them In Your Content

by Joe Fuller

There are different ways in which your content generates traffic but the basic way is by the use of backlinks. Create your content and put a link back to your website. If people like your content, they’ll click the link.

As you’re publishing your content on relevant, different and high ranked sites you’re getting links from across the web. Search engines like seeing links to your site from websites it judges as popular and having authority. That means the links help you get good search placement in the search results for particular keywords.

Therefore, creating content with links gives you two advantages. One is the link taking those who click it back to your site. The other is better search engine placement.

On top of that, if someone is interested in your content, they will then find the same tone in the page you send them to. If you send them to other content, then provide more information on the original topic. If you send them to your site, have them join your list through your opt in page. You don’t want to lose them. Instead, you want to be able to communicate with them over time.

Why not start your content marketing now?

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