Why Content Marketing Gives You The Traffic Edge

by Joe Fuller

Plenty of marketers will say how they’re getting large amounts of traffic to their site. The trouble is it’s probably lots of cheap traffic or people looking for niche freebies.

Yes, you need traffic once you’ve created your own website. But you want not only decent amounts of traffic but it must also be worth having. That is, it must be composed of people who will probably become your customers and become repeat buyers over time. That’s where your profits lie. In that sense, you want qualified traffic, not just lots of visitors. The test of your business is not being able to say the great amount of traffic you have but the profits you make from those people.

Content marketing provides this kind of qualified traffic more than simply people clicking on an ad. It’s effective on different levels.

First, once someone has consumed your content and they have found it interesting in some way, you have already pre-sold them on your business and products.

Second, search engines are looking for valuable content with reference to a topic, to show in their search results. People are online searching for information you have. They would not be doing so if they were satisfied with what they’ve already found, or they just don’t know you, and others like you, exist. You can use keywords in your content to attract search engines, although it’s likely you’re doing this naturally if you have content that’s valuable in your niche.

Third, your link in your content goes back to your website opt in page where they can sign up to your list, hoping for more useful information from you. Even if you’re sending them to an offer from the content, or more information on your site, pass them through an opt in page to capture their email first. Then you can communicate with them over time and build up relationship and trust.

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