Email Marketing Campaign Outline For Success

by Joe Fuller

The test of your email marketing process is whether it generates profits as well as subscribers.

The campaign is like a chain of links. You need them all. And they each have to be working as they should or else you miss out. Each part depends on the others.

Therefore you have to track and test what you do.

Here’s the outline.

First, have dependable sources of traffic, either one or more.

Second, test and change your opt in pages so they convert as effectively as possible.

Third, as soon as they’ve signed up send them to a sales page. Keep track of where the traffic comes from who do the buying.

Fourth, once they have been to the sales page they should get the freebie through their email.

Fifth, each day contact them with something they can use in some way, including valuable content, freebies, and the best products you can offer them.

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