Your Steps For Search Engine Optimization

by Joe Fuller

You want to keep search engine optimization (SEO) of your website as simple as possible. Just keep in mind that every post in your site is unique and so needs treating as such for SEO.

Follow these steps.

First, find appropriate keywords for your post. That is, making them related to the content of the post as closely as possible. Also, use keywords that are normally used in ordinary language and are not made up ones, or ones that give the wrong meaning from what you intend. For example, “soccer rules” can have two different meanings.

Second, put the keyword in the title, maybe at the start of it. Just putting your business name of some kind won’t work. People search for specific terms in any particular market.

Third, put the keyword in the description meta tag. Make it as attractive as possible for when it comes up in the search results. Also, have one or more keywords in the page tag section.

Fourth, once you might have scattered your keywords through your content to give a percentage for every 100 words. Now search engines could very well see that as keyword stuffing to try and trick them. You don’t want to be penalized by them. Just use it once in the content somewhere, if that.

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