Do You Forget To Use Your Keywords?

by Joe Fuller

It’s true that use of keywords in the tags is not as much use at it used to be but they can still help in search marketing. Just make sure you’re not over-using them in your content. In fact, you might want to have them only in your title and maybe once more. Search engines are more concerned with quality content and you having backlinks to your site from websites they recognize as having quality content on them.

However, don’t forget about keywords completely. Together with other ways you optimize your site, put keywords into your tags.

Try using your keywords like this.

First, whatever keywords tags you use, make sure they can be found, or a variation of them to prevent keyword stuffing, in your actual content.

Second, put your main keyword is the title, tags, and description section of your site.

Third, you’ll no doubt come across people offering tricks to defeat the search engines to do with keywords. But the search engines close down such tactics all the time. Be more productive with your time.

Fourth, avoid repetitive use of a keyword, and especially aiming to fit in as many as you can, creating nonsense sentences. Search engines worked this out a long time ago and will not just ignore you but penalize you for trying it. Also, avoid things like putting it in capitals or quotation marks.

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