Creating Content – Do It This Way

by Joe Fuller

Creating content is still not exactly overused, even though there’s information on just about everything online. People who want to start an online business from scratch don’t expect the effort or time it takes.

How many businesses are really making a decent income from using content creation? Unless they have staff who are able to produce lots of content, and of the best quality, it’s seems a daunting task to keep generating quality information. Also, of course, even though there has been a good market in trying to automate the process through curating other people’s content, personally made content cannot be automated.

Try doing this.

First, decide on the subject you’ll create content about in your niche.

Second, no matter what format you’re using, such as video or audio, set out your ideas in this way:

a) decide on a keyword you’ll use. However, I think if you’re producing relevant niche content anyway you’re almost bound to be using at least one keyword. If you do decide on one, put it in the title.

b) list 3 to 5 main ideas about the subject of the content

c) write out an introduction of 2 -3 sentences that introduces your 3 to 5 main ideas

d) write out your conclusion, including urging people to use what you’ve told them

Third, at some point, usually the ending, have a backlink to your site

Fourth, publish each piece of content to high ranking sites related to your niche. Make sure you only publish unique pieces to each site. That is, don’t use it more than once.

You will get traffic. It’s up to you to produce as much content as you can of good enough quality. Then have a way of converting them to customers.

Now click the link for Creating Content For Your Niche Business