A Creation Method For Your Content

by Joe Fuller

Creating content can be a strong way of attracting prospects and traffic. You can use it both for search engines and for getting the click through to your website directly.

Whatever form your content is in, here’s a way to get the click on your link, giving enough information to show your expertise in your niche but also that they need more from you.

Try the following.

First, choose the topic in your niche you want to create content about. Find a keyword related to that topic, and place it in your content title. If you’re concerned about how to find such a keyword, if you simply think of a title you’ll probably be including a keyword anyway.

Second, list the main points you want to tell your visitor about in relation to the topic. Create a couple of sentences about each main point. If you’re creating a video or audio or other purely non-text content, still write out your ideas.

Third, set down an introduction in 3 to 5 sentences telling them the reason why this information is important for them.

Fourth, you can create an ending in 1 or 2 sentences that points out how they will improve by taking the next step, such as: Now create your next content following what you’ve read.

Fifth, create a link for the ending that makes them want to find out more.

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