Search Engine Optimization – Your 3 Keys

by Joe Fuller

You can find a lot of detail about how to do search engine optimization of your site, whether you pay for it or find it free. However, I think all the different ideas come down to 3 key things you have to do.

Here they are.

First, build links pointing back to your site. But you must get them from sites the search engines see as having some authority in your niche. You can create valuable content on your site to attract links, and put valuable content, with a link back to your site, on authority, high ranked sites.

Second, organize your site so there are no problems for visitors to get around it. Also, make your internal links on the site between different pieces of content easy to use. Use a silo structure with categories so the search engines can search it easily, together with your links.

Third, find the best keywords for your site and niche. In other words, when people are searching for your niche or topics in it or your specific site, what keywords are they using? Put them into your content titles and other headings. You only want to attract people who are interested in your niche.

There’s always someone claiming to have found a loophole in the search engines and they’ll let you in on the secret. If there are such loopholes the search engines will find them, and, in any case, that very marketer has just told them all about it.

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