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Month: March, 2016

Internet Marketing – Are You New To It?

Everybody basically does the wrong things at the beginning. It’s a learning process.

Are you doing a lot of reading, watching and listening online?

Do you have these thoughts about content as you go through it?

“It won’t work.”

“That’s a ridiculous thing to say.”

Instead: when you find some information, in whatever form, that looks like it might be useful to you, go through it all. Keep a completely open mind, so you’re not censoring yourself before you’ve even got the whole gist of it. After all, you’re the one who’s new to this and the marketer is the one who’s got his own products to sell. Take action on what they say, then find out if it’s really useful to you or not.

First, takes notes of the key ideas as you go through the content.

Second, go back to the start of the information and put into practice what is suggested. Don’t miss any actions out. If you do, it might be the key one, or if there is a dependent chain of actions and events, each li k will be important: so everything has to be included.

Third, when you do this, you’ll have learned things you didn’t expect to. And if it works for you, you’ve now got an advantage you didn’t have before, and could easily have lost. If it’s no use, you’ve learned something through a process of elimination, and that you need to avoid it. This could save you a lot of money.

Fourth, go on to the next information and do the same. Go through one set of actions at a time which is much more effective than trying to go through lots of different things at one time.

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Backlinks – Why Use Them In Your Content

There are different ways in which your content generates traffic but the basic way is by the use of backlinks. Create your content and put a link back to your website. If people like your content, they’ll click the link.

As you’re publishing your content on relevant, different and high ranked sites you’re getting links from across the web. Search engines like seeing links to your site from websites it judges as popular and having authority. That means the links help you get good search placement in the search results for particular keywords.

Therefore, creating content with links gives you two advantages. One is the link taking those who click it back to your site. The other is better search engine placement.

On top of that, if someone is interested in your content, they will then find the same tone in the page you send them to. If you send them to other content, then provide more information on the original topic. If you send them to your site, have them join your list through your opt in page. You don’t want to lose them. Instead, you want to be able to communicate with them over time.

Why not start your content marketing now?

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Why Content Marketing Gives You The Traffic Edge

Plenty of marketers will say how they’re getting large amounts of traffic to their site. The trouble is it’s probably lots of cheap traffic or people looking for niche freebies.

Yes, you need traffic once you’ve created your own website. But you want not only decent amounts of traffic but it must also be worth having. That is, it must be composed of people who will probably become your customers and become repeat buyers over time. That’s where your profits lie. In that sense, you want qualified traffic, not just lots of visitors. The test of your business is not being able to say the great amount of traffic you have but the profits you make from those people.

Content marketing provides this kind of qualified traffic more than simply people clicking on an ad. It’s effective on different levels.

First, once someone has consumed your content and they have found it interesting in some way, you have already pre-sold them on your business and products.

Second, search engines are looking for valuable content with reference to a topic, to show in their search results. People are online searching for information you have. They would not be doing so if they were satisfied with what they’ve already found, or they just don’t know you, and others like you, exist. You can use keywords in your content to attract search engines, although it’s likely you’re doing this naturally if you have content that’s valuable in your niche.

Third, your link in your content goes back to your website opt in page where they can sign up to your list, hoping for more useful information from you. Even if you’re sending them to an offer from the content, or more information on your site, pass them through an opt in page to capture their email first. Then you can communicate with them over time and build up relationship and trust.

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Email Marketing Campaign Outline For Success

The test of your email marketing process is whether it generates profits as well as subscribers.

The campaign is like a chain of links. You need them all. And they each have to be working as they should or else you miss out. Each part depends on the others.

Therefore you have to track and test what you do.

Here’s the outline.

First, have dependable sources of traffic, either one or more.

Second, test and change your opt in pages so they convert as effectively as possible.

Third, as soon as they’ve signed up send them to a sales page. Keep track of where the traffic comes from who do the buying.

Fourth, once they have been to the sales page they should get the freebie through their email.

Fifth, each day contact them with something they can use in some way, including valuable content, freebies, and the best products you can offer them.

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Your Steps For Search Engine Optimization

You want to keep search engine optimization (SEO) of your website as simple as possible. Just keep in mind that every post in your site is unique and so needs treating as such for SEO.

Follow these steps.

First, find appropriate keywords for your post. That is, making them related to the content of the post as closely as possible. Also, use keywords that are normally used in ordinary language and are not made up ones, or ones that give the wrong meaning from what you intend. For example, “soccer rules” can have two different meanings.

Second, put the keyword in the title, maybe at the start of it. Just putting your business name of some kind won’t work. People search for specific terms in any particular market.

Third, put the keyword in the description meta tag. Make it as attractive as possible for when it comes up in the search results. Also, have one or more keywords in the page tag section.

Fourth, once you might have scattered your keywords through your content to give a percentage for every 100 words. Now search engines could very well see that as keyword stuffing to try and trick them. You don’t want to be penalized by them. Just use it once in the content somewhere, if that.

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Do You Forget To Use Your Keywords?

It’s true that use of keywords in the tags is not as much use at it used to be but they can still help in search marketing. Just make sure you’re not over-using them in your content. In fact, you might want to have them only in your title and maybe once more. Search engines are more concerned with quality content and you having backlinks to your site from websites they recognize as having quality content on them.

However, don’t forget about keywords completely. Together with other ways you optimize your site, put keywords into your tags.

Try using your keywords like this.

First, whatever keywords tags you use, make sure they can be found, or a variation of them to prevent keyword stuffing, in your actual content.

Second, put your main keyword is the title, tags, and description section of your site.

Third, you’ll no doubt come across people offering tricks to defeat the search engines to do with keywords. But the search engines close down such tactics all the time. Be more productive with your time.

Fourth, avoid repetitive use of a keyword, and especially aiming to fit in as many as you can, creating nonsense sentences. Search engines worked this out a long time ago and will not just ignore you but penalize you for trying it. Also, avoid things like putting it in capitals or quotation marks.

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Creating Content – Do It This Way

Creating content is still not exactly overused, even though there’s information on just about everything online. People who want to start an online business from scratch don’t expect the effort or time it takes.

How many businesses are really making a decent income from using content creation? Unless they have staff who are able to produce lots of content, and of the best quality, it’s seems a daunting task to keep generating quality information. Also, of course, even though there has been a good market in trying to automate the process through curating other people’s content, personally made content cannot be automated.

Try doing this.

First, decide on the subject you’ll create content about in your niche.

Second, no matter what format you’re using, such as video or audio, set out your ideas in this way:

a) decide on a keyword you’ll use. However, I think if you’re producing relevant niche content anyway you’re almost bound to be using at least one keyword. If you do decide on one, put it in the title.

b) list 3 to 5 main ideas about the subject of the content

c) write out an introduction of 2 -3 sentences that introduces your 3 to 5 main ideas

d) write out your conclusion, including urging people to use what you’ve told them

Third, at some point, usually the ending, have a backlink to your site

Fourth, publish each piece of content to high ranking sites related to your niche. Make sure you only publish unique pieces to each site. That is, don’t use it more than once.

You will get traffic. It’s up to you to produce as much content as you can of good enough quality. Then have a way of converting them to customers.

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A Creation Method For Your Content

Creating content can be a strong way of attracting prospects and traffic. You can use it both for search engines and for getting the click through to your website directly.

Whatever form your content is in, here’s a way to get the click on your link, giving enough information to show your expertise in your niche but also that they need more from you.

Try the following.

First, choose the topic in your niche you want to create content about. Find a keyword related to that topic, and place it in your content title. If you’re concerned about how to find such a keyword, if you simply think of a title you’ll probably be including a keyword anyway.

Second, list the main points you want to tell your visitor about in relation to the topic. Create a couple of sentences about each main point. If you’re creating a video or audio or other purely non-text content, still write out your ideas.

Third, set down an introduction in 3 to 5 sentences telling them the reason why this information is important for them.

Fourth, you can create an ending in 1 or 2 sentences that points out how they will improve by taking the next step, such as: Now create your next content following what you’ve read.

Fifth, create a link for the ending that makes them want to find out more.

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Search Engine Optimization – Your 3 Keys

You can find a lot of detail about how to do search engine optimization of your site, whether you pay for it or find it free. However, I think all the different ideas come down to 3 key things you have to do.

Here they are.

First, build links pointing back to your site. But you must get them from sites the search engines see as having some authority in your niche. You can create valuable content on your site to attract links, and put valuable content, with a link back to your site, on authority, high ranked sites.

Second, organize your site so there are no problems for visitors to get around it. Also, make your internal links on the site between different pieces of content easy to use. Use a silo structure with categories so the search engines can search it easily, together with your links.

Third, find the best keywords for your site and niche. In other words, when people are searching for your niche or topics in it or your specific site, what keywords are they using? Put them into your content titles and other headings. You only want to attract people who are interested in your niche.

There’s always someone claiming to have found a loophole in the search engines and they’ll let you in on the secret. If there are such loopholes the search engines will find them, and, in any case, that very marketer has just told them all about it.

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