Your List Building To Start

by Joe Fuller

When you build your list it gives you access to prospects who have made the decision to join it because they want more information from you. You can send them over and over to your offers until they buy or leave. This is much better than sending them directly to your sales page and only having one chance to have them buy from you. In other words, you can convert more unique visitors to customers.

What do you do to generate money from you list?

First, choose a niche in which you’ll build that list, and sell your products in.

Second, create a site about the niche.

Third, buy into an autoresponder service from where you can get an opt in form that people fill in to sign up, and you can set up automatic mailings to your list.

Fourth, set up an opt in page, using the autoresponder coding.

Fifth, get traffic to the opt in page.

Sixth, create a sequence of emails that you send to the subscribers. Give them valuable content, some freebies, and send them to your sales page.

Valuable freebies generate a sense of gratitude in your subscribers, the information emails give you credibility as an expert in the niche, while the offer emails generate revenue to develop your business.

In building your initial list take these 2 actions.

First, keep getting visitors to your opt in page. You can use content to do that.

Second, keep providing valuable and useful content in your emails.

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