Content For Your Search Engine Traffic

by Joe Fuller

Creating content is a strong way of generating traffic online. There are 2 ways of seeing how to use content for traffic and they can both work together, at the same time.

Create a lot of unique content and publish it on a range of high ranked websites. The traffic is produced from search engines because of keywords you use, the content’s uniqueness, and riding piggyback on the high ranked sites giving you backlinks to your site.

You also get traffic directly to your website because of any links you put in the content to your website.

The backlinks give credibility in order to increase your own site’s ranking. As your rankings improve for a keyword of because of the backlinks, you get more traffic.

Here’s a process to try.

First, although keywords are not as highly rated as they once were by the search engines, you can still find related ones and place them in your content. You can try the extremes and see what works for you: either one keyword placed only in the title, or one main keyword and four related subsidiary ones placed through your content.

Second, on your site have posts or pages set up with the same keywords.

Third, create content using the keywords.

Fourth, use links in the content going back to the post or page with the same keywords.

Fifth, publish your unique content on a range of high ranked sites.

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