Improved List Email Open Rates

by Joe Fuller

Here are some steps you can take to improve the open rates of the emails you send to your list.

First, use an email with a link in it to a freebie. Just a short sentence and the link. Send some freebie emails in a row, so that the emails you send at the end of those is more likely to be opened. What you’re doing is reviving their trust in you if that has dropped, and again showing them the valuable products they can get from you.

Second, send a number of response emails where you ask for their response to an email or other content they’ve looked at by you. When you get some people’s responses then give your response in an email to all of your list. This is demonstrating how you can be trusted. Also, it shows those who did not respond that the list is alive and worth being a part of. This means it encourages those who did not respond this time, to respond next time or at some other point in time.

Third, aim to get your list involved in other ways too. For example, you could run a contest or have a forum where people can take part. These are only ideas and you need to try out for yourself what is effective for you and your niche.

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