Squeeze Page As Entry Point

by Joe Fuller

Use a squeeze page as the entry point to your website.

By entry point I mean it’s the first place to come to one your site, instead of your home page or sales pages for example. The only job of the squeeze page is to get the visitor to sign up to your list. As the entry point they have to join your list if they want entry to your site.

You might be thinking that your main aim is to sell your product so you want to send your visitor straight to the sales page.

But think of this. Your sales letter has a conversion rate of 2%. That is, you make a sale from 2 out of every 100 people who visit it. Imagine the product is priced at $20. Therefore, for each 100 people you make $40.

Now see it the other way. There are 98 people who did not purchase from you. They’ve gone. They are not on your list. You can’t communicate with them.

See the difference with having a squeeze page at the entry to your site. We’ll presume 25% of site visitors sign up. The 75 out of 100 who did not sign up would not have bought from you. People need to feel some trust before they’d do that. But the two people who are the buyers anyway, are probably now subscribers. The point here is that those people who are not willing to give you their email, probably won’t spend their money with you. Therefore, you get opt ins of those people who would buy from your sales page.

Now, once they opt in you send them directly to the sales page they would have seen and bought from at 2 people out of 100. So, in this case, it’s 2 buyers out of 25 sign ups, which is 8% of those sign ups. You get $40, the same if you’d not had a squeeze page. But in reality you have that $40 plus you have the advantage of 25 subscribers.

From there, if only another 2 subscribers buy the product, over whatever time period, you have $40. That gives you $80 in all, which is how much those 100 visitors are worth to you. It’s double the amount that you’d get when not having an opt in page.

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