In A Niche? – Here’s How To Build Your List

by Joe Fuller

List building should be the core of your business for long term income. There is good list building information around but still many niche marketers get stuck with this. They might want to have a list but are unsure of the actions to take and in what order.

That’s what this article is about, so that you can start creating a list in your niche if you’re not already doing so.

First, create you own site. Use WordPress, as it’s easy to set up and easy to use. If you opt to use somebody else’s system to build your list you’re not in charge of what’s happening. You want it to be your list, and only your list.

Second, buy into an autoresponder service that can make sure you have good delivery rates for your emails. Having your own set up does not enable you to do that.

Third, use a sign up form from the autoresponder service and put it on each of your site’s pages.

Fourth, have this form on your squeeze page too. Direct your traffic to the squeeze page for them to sign up to your list, in exchange for a valuable freebie you give them.

Fifth, have a method of getting traffic to that page, and anywhere else you want them to go.

Start building your list. Still unsure about something? Check my website or search for my name together with what you’re stuck on. It’s likely I’ve created content on what you’re looking for.

Will you start building your list?

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