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Month: February, 2016

Your List Building To Start

When you build your list it gives you access to prospects who have made the decision to join it because they want more information from you. You can send them over and over to your offers until they buy or leave. This is much better than sending them directly to your sales page and only having one chance to have them buy from you. In other words, you can convert more unique visitors to customers.

What do you do to generate money from you list?

First, choose a niche in which you’ll build that list, and sell your products in.

Second, create a site about the niche.

Third, buy into an autoresponder service from where you can get an opt in form that people fill in to sign up, and you can set up automatic mailings to your list.

Fourth, set up an opt in page, using the autoresponder coding.

Fifth, get traffic to the opt in page.

Sixth, create a sequence of emails that you send to the subscribers. Give them valuable content, some freebies, and send them to your sales page.

Valuable freebies generate a sense of gratitude in your subscribers, the information emails give you credibility as an expert in the niche, while the offer emails generate revenue to develop your business.

In building your initial list take these 2 actions.

First, keep getting visitors to your opt in page. You can use content to do that.

Second, keep providing valuable and useful content in your emails.

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Fast Creation Of Your Content

Content creation is one of the stronger ways to get qualified people to your website. However, it needs doing every day, and that’s usually the really difficult part once you have the knowledge to put in the content.

Whatever format your content will be in, it makes it faster to create when you write it out first so it has the information in it you want and it has organization. For example, if you’re creating a video, whether speaking on it or not, write out what you will present and in what order.

Try this.

First, whatever your niche, choose a subject in it to create the content about. Plus, choose subjects people in your niche want and need to know about. They are your target market, not just general visitors. The people with niche needs and wants are your potential customers.

Second, create a title with a keyword in it, and which also describes what the content is about.

Third, in the short introduction tell them what they will find out in the content

Fourth, have 3 to 5 main ideas. For instance, ways of doing something or factual information about your subject or a brief plan how to achieve something.

Fifth, create a paragraph for each main idea. Keep each paragraph short, such as 3 – 5 sentences in length.

Sixth, have a brief conclusion about where they can get more related information.

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Content For Your Search Engine Traffic

Creating content is a strong way of generating traffic online. There are 2 ways of seeing how to use content for traffic and they can both work together, at the same time.

Create a lot of unique content and publish it on a range of high ranked websites. The traffic is produced from search engines because of keywords you use, the content’s uniqueness, and riding piggyback on the high ranked sites giving you backlinks to your site.

You also get traffic directly to your website because of any links you put in the content to your website.

The backlinks give credibility in order to increase your own site’s ranking. As your rankings improve for a keyword of because of the backlinks, you get more traffic.

Here’s a process to try.

First, although keywords are not as highly rated as they once were by the search engines, you can still find related ones and place them in your content. You can try the extremes and see what works for you: either one keyword placed only in the title, or one main keyword and four related subsidiary ones placed through your content.

Second, on your site have posts or pages set up with the same keywords.

Third, create content using the keywords.

Fourth, use links in the content going back to the post or page with the same keywords.

Fifth, publish your unique content on a range of high ranked sites.

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Improved List Email Open Rates

Here are some steps you can take to improve the open rates of the emails you send to your list.

First, use an email with a link in it to a freebie. Just a short sentence and the link. Send some freebie emails in a row, so that the emails you send at the end of those is more likely to be opened. What you’re doing is reviving their trust in you if that has dropped, and again showing them the valuable products they can get from you.

Second, send a number of response emails where you ask for their response to an email or other content they’ve looked at by you. When you get some people’s responses then give your response in an email to all of your list. This is demonstrating how you can be trusted. Also, it shows those who did not respond that the list is alive and worth being a part of. This means it encourages those who did not respond this time, to respond next time or at some other point in time.

Third, aim to get your list involved in other ways too. For example, you could run a contest or have a forum where people can take part. These are only ideas and you need to try out for yourself what is effective for you and your niche.

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Squeeze Page As Entry Point

Use a squeeze page as the entry point to your website.

By entry point I mean it’s the first place to come to one your site, instead of your home page or sales pages for example. The only job of the squeeze page is to get the visitor to sign up to your list. As the entry point they have to join your list if they want entry to your site.

You might be thinking that your main aim is to sell your product so you want to send your visitor straight to the sales page.

But think of this. Your sales letter has a conversion rate of 2%. That is, you make a sale from 2 out of every 100 people who visit it. Imagine the product is priced at $20. Therefore, for each 100 people you make $40.

Now see it the other way. There are 98 people who did not purchase from you. They’ve gone. They are not on your list. You can’t communicate with them.

See the difference with having a squeeze page at the entry to your site. We’ll presume 25% of site visitors sign up. The 75 out of 100 who did not sign up would not have bought from you. People need to feel some trust before they’d do that. But the two people who are the buyers anyway, are probably now subscribers. The point here is that those people who are not willing to give you their email, probably won’t spend their money with you. Therefore, you get opt ins of those people who would buy from your sales page.

Now, once they opt in you send them directly to the sales page they would have seen and bought from at 2 people out of 100. So, in this case, it’s 2 buyers out of 25 sign ups, which is 8% of those sign ups. You get $40, the same if you’d not had a squeeze page. But in reality you have that $40 plus you have the advantage of 25 subscribers.

From there, if only another 2 subscribers buy the product, over whatever time period, you have $40. That gives you $80 in all, which is how much those 100 visitors are worth to you. It’s double the amount that you’d get when not having an opt in page.

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In A Niche? – Here’s How To Build Your List

List building should be the core of your business for long term income. There is good list building information around but still many niche marketers get stuck with this. They might want to have a list but are unsure of the actions to take and in what order.

That’s what this article is about, so that you can start creating a list in your niche if you’re not already doing so.

First, create you own site. Use WordPress, as it’s easy to set up and easy to use. If you opt to use somebody else’s system to build your list you’re not in charge of what’s happening. You want it to be your list, and only your list.

Second, buy into an autoresponder service that can make sure you have good delivery rates for your emails. Having your own set up does not enable you to do that.

Third, use a sign up form from the autoresponder service and put it on each of your site’s pages.

Fourth, have this form on your squeeze page too. Direct your traffic to the squeeze page for them to sign up to your list, in exchange for a valuable freebie you give them.

Fifth, have a method of getting traffic to that page, and anywhere else you want them to go.

Start building your list. Still unsure about something? Check my website or search for my name together with what you’re stuck on. It’s likely I’ve created content on what you’re looking for.

Will you start building your list?

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