Ebook – Here’s Why To Write One

by Joe Fuller

The most common product people think of creating at first is still an ebook. Video and audio and doing webinars, for example, all seem to too technical without some specialized knowledge. Plus not everybody likes the idea of being seen in front of their prospects. However, if you have enough niche knowledge you can write your own ebook.

This is particularly so if you can bring a unique angle or knowledge to it. If you have information that will help others in your niche then you should write the ebook.

Still, why should you bother?

There is masses of information around already. But often it’s by people not fully aware of their subject in the niche or do not realize any more what it’s like to be an absolute beginner in the niche. Their prospects often don’t know what to do first or how to get organized with time and materials. If your information is too complicated for them, they just get frustrated.

This is different from yourself who has had time to continuously learn about your niche.

Don’t wait until you think you’ll have complete niche knowledge, because you never will. Best to write it now while you’re knowledge is useful at the time you write it.

People want information that’s useful now, and that helps them to use it for their benefit.