Online Business – Why Track What You Do

by Joe Fuller

Are you unsure which actions you’re taking in your online business are the most productive for generating money?

Is this what you did? Created a site and got traffic to visit it? Did you buy some traffic? Did you make some money but don’t know where the most profitable traffic came from?

It’s frustrating because you don’t know where to focus your efforts and time. Making bits of money is not going to provide you with an income.

Consider the other way round. Imagine you knew exactly where the best traffic is sourced for your business. Then you could focus time and effort on that place. You could drop the others, not wasting time, effort, and maybe money on them.

A main reason people give up on their online business early is because they get fed up and frustrated not being able to generate a decent amount of money, and not knowing what to do about it. So they give up altogether or move on to another scheme. But when you can keep focused on positive actions you’re hopes are not deflated.

Try this.

Use a service or software that will track where your customers are when they arrive at your site. That is, you link the buyer with their source. Then put more effort and time into developing it further, and drop the other places you’ve aimed to get traffic from.

If you’re paying for traffic in some way, you can work out the amount of money you’re making getting customers from one place, with the money you’re making from those customers.