Successful List Building With Content

by Joe Fuller

You can use your content to build your list, as long as you focus on what you find to work in getting clicks to your squeeze page.

First, create content about your niche. Whatever your title says the content is about, go through the subject as fully as you can. If it’s to do with a niche problem, give the full solution if possible. Then have a link to your opt in page, making it clear what they need to do to get your freebie and what it is.

Second, send your traffic only to your sign up as much as you can, rather than to your site in general.

Third, have your email sequence set up so you’re communicating with them on a regular basis. You can aslo send them broadcast emails when you’ve something special to tell them.

Fourth, grow your relationship with them in this way, and also by sending them freebies. As they’ve come from a piece of your content they already have some trust in you, so it’s easier to keep deepening that trust through your communications.

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