Why Use Others’ Products

by Joe Fuller

Using products someone else has created can save you a lot of time and effort.

The most important thing is that you’re not spending your own time creating your own product. At the beginning of your online business, this can be a struggle to work it all out and then actually do it. You must  know the information yourself that you’re passing on to your customers and you have to be able to structure it as a usable product.

It’s necessary to choose what form the product will be in and so you have to know about that too. It might be a PDF or audio or video, for example, but you need to be able to organize your material first in terms of the form you decide on.

Often you don’t even have to write a sales letter as it’s provided with the product. This is now common with resell rights products. To do it yourself you’d need to have some sense of copywriting, as well as structuring it, in order to get the visitor to buy.

Even easier, in this sense, is when you sell as an affiliate. You only have to send traffic to their sales letter and they do everything else, including paying you.

Using others’ products in some way, you could get away with only having an opt in page, sending traffic there to build a list, and email marketing.

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