Using Content For Your Traffic

by Joe Fuller

You might have a site of your own set up for your online business but without traffic it doesn’t mean anything. How will people know it exists? You might have the greatest products in your niche, yet if no-one arrives at your site to see your sales page no-one can buy it. Obviously you need traffic.

There are lots of ways marketers get traffic to their sites. They’re ways that fit them and their business. They’ll have tried out various ways and found what works for them. One sort of traffic won’t necessarily work for all businesses.

However, using content to generate and attract traffic is one of the easiest ways to use. It is free in the sense you’re not paying for it, unless you’re getting outsourcers to create the content for you. But it is not free if you’re creating it yourself because of the time you have to spend. When you start your business you’ll have time to focus on your content.

Try this.

First, create content about your niche. Give information on niche subjects your potential customers want to know about. Of course, you want subscribers to your list. But you want, as near as possible, only future customers to sign up. Therefore, focus on customers’ wants and needs.

Second, have a link at the end of your content with a promise of a useful freebie.

Third, publish your content on high ranking sites. They won’t charge you because they know, if your content is good enough, it will attract traffic.

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