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Month: January, 2016

Ebook – Here’s Why To Write One

The most common product people think of creating at first is still an ebook. Video and audio and doing webinars, for example, all seem to too technical without some specialized knowledge. Plus not everybody likes the idea of being seen in front of their prospects. However, if you have enough niche knowledge you can write your own ebook.

This is particularly so if you can bring a unique angle or knowledge to it. If you have information that will help others in your niche then you should write the ebook.

Still, why should you bother?

There is masses of information around already. But often it’s by people not fully aware of their subject in the niche or do not realize any more what it’s like to be an absolute beginner in the niche. Their prospects often don’t know what to do first or how to get organized with time and materials. If your information is too complicated for them, they just get frustrated.

This is different from yourself who has had time to continuously learn about your niche.

Don’t wait until you think you’ll have complete niche knowledge, because you never will. Best to write it now while you’re knowledge is useful at the time you write it.

People want information that’s useful now, and that helps them to use it for their benefit.


Succeed With Opt In Subscribers

Direct marketing using emails means regularly communicating with subscribers who join your list.

Very often, those who start an online business wait too long before starting their list. They get distracted into business opportunities promising quick wealth, instead of looking to the long term. If you’ve just started online, or are thinking of it, it will a few months before you make reasonable money. You may as well start your list as soon as possible.

Try these actions to succeed with your opt in subscribers.

First, have a website and put a sign up form on each page.

Second, have a squeeze page which is created only to collect email addresses and add people to your list. Make it a key part of your marketing process.

Third, find out about and practice writing copy in your emails. See what others have done, purchase a course, and keep practicing.

Fourth, track your emails, including how often they’re opened, your links are clicked, and products are bought through them.

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Online Business – Why Track What You Do

Are you unsure which actions you’re taking in your online business are the most productive for generating money?

Is this what you did? Created a site and got traffic to visit it? Did you buy some traffic? Did you make some money but don’t know where the most profitable traffic came from?

It’s frustrating because you don’t know where to focus your efforts and time. Making bits of money is not going to provide you with an income.

Consider the other way round. Imagine you knew exactly where the best traffic is sourced for your business. Then you could focus time and effort on that place. You could drop the others, not wasting time, effort, and maybe money on them.

A main reason people give up on their online business early is because they get fed up and frustrated not being able to generate a decent amount of money, and not knowing what to do about it. So they give up altogether or move on to another scheme. But when you can keep focused on positive actions you’re hopes are not deflated.

Try this.

Use a service or software that will track where your customers are when they arrive at your site. That is, you link the buyer with their source. Then put more effort and time into developing it further, and drop the other places you’ve aimed to get traffic from.

If you’re paying for traffic in some way, you can work out the amount of money you’re making getting customers from one place, with the money you’re making from those customers.

Successful List Building With Content

You can use your content to build your list, as long as you focus on what you find to work in getting clicks to your squeeze page.

First, create content about your niche. Whatever your title says the content is about, go through the subject as fully as you can. If it’s to do with a niche problem, give the full solution if possible. Then have a link to your opt in page, making it clear what they need to do to get your freebie and what it is.

Second, send your traffic only to your sign up as much as you can, rather than to your site in general.

Third, have your email sequence set up so you’re communicating with them on a regular basis. You can aslo send them broadcast emails when you’ve something special to tell them.

Fourth, grow your relationship with them in this way, and also by sending them freebies. As they’ve come from a piece of your content they already have some trust in you, so it’s easier to keep deepening that trust through your communications.

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Your Content And Niche Success

Do you want to be seen as an expert in your niche? Your content will support you in doing that.

It is true that online business has moved on, and continues to do so, meaning there are lots of people with expertise in different niches. However, there are plenty of niches away from the big ones that have been avoided due to less money being available in them.

This means there are niches where the competition is from people who are not really internet marketers yet are very good at their niche subject. So it you use assertive content marketing in such a niche you can more easily get a high ranking in the search engines.

In fact, you could get all the first ten places for a niche keyword if you work on it effectively. On top of that it’s possible to be your niche expert who is seen as more significant than other niche marketers. If someone searches about your niche and sees your name in top results, what will they think? You will be seen as the niche expert, leading them to purchase from you.

Try these actions.

First, create a number of pieces of content about your niche. Include a link to your site.

Second, publish the content on at least five top ranked sites.

Third, check the sites that are in the top of the search engines. Look the websites over and email them offering a testimonial or they might have a section on the site to do that.

Fourth, if they accept guest writers or other content providers, ask if you can do this, ensuring your name is on the content.

Fifth, fill out your profile information on top niche sites such as forums.

Sixth, keep adding valuable content to your own site, and submit it to web directories.

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Why Use Others’ Products

Using products someone else has created can save you a lot of time and effort.

The most important thing is that you’re not spending your own time creating your own product. At the beginning of your online business, this can be a struggle to work it all out and then actually do it. You must  know the information yourself that you’re passing on to your customers and you have to be able to structure it as a usable product.

It’s necessary to choose what form the product will be in and so you have to know about that too. It might be a PDF or audio or video, for example, but you need to be able to organize your material first in terms of the form you decide on.

Often you don’t even have to write a sales letter as it’s provided with the product. This is now common with resell rights products. To do it yourself you’d need to have some sense of copywriting, as well as structuring it, in order to get the visitor to buy.

Even easier, in this sense, is when you sell as an affiliate. You only have to send traffic to their sales letter and they do everything else, including paying you.

Using others’ products in some way, you could get away with only having an opt in page, sending traffic there to build a list, and email marketing.

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Using Content For Your Traffic

You might have a site of your own set up for your online business but without traffic it doesn’t mean anything. How will people know it exists? You might have the greatest products in your niche, yet if no-one arrives at your site to see your sales page no-one can buy it. Obviously you need traffic.

There are lots of ways marketers get traffic to their sites. They’re ways that fit them and their business. They’ll have tried out various ways and found what works for them. One sort of traffic won’t necessarily work for all businesses.

However, using content to generate and attract traffic is one of the easiest ways to use. It is free in the sense you’re not paying for it, unless you’re getting outsourcers to create the content for you. But it is not free if you’re creating it yourself because of the time you have to spend. When you start your business you’ll have time to focus on your content.

Try this.

First, create content about your niche. Give information on niche subjects your potential customers want to know about. Of course, you want subscribers to your list. But you want, as near as possible, only future customers to sign up. Therefore, focus on customers’ wants and needs.

Second, have a link at the end of your content with a promise of a useful freebie.

Third, publish your content on high ranking sites. They won’t charge you because they know, if your content is good enough, it will attract traffic.

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