Tracking Your Content To Be More effective

by Joe Fuller

If you’re creating content it’s vital to track that content to enable you to focus your efforts. This is in terms of both the actual content you create and where you publish it.

Publishing to several different places, you need to see which are sending you the most subscribers or traffic. For example, if only one is sending you a number of subscribers much more than the others, then you can concentrate on that one and drop the rest.

Without tracking you won’t know if that’s happening.

The straightforward way is to have a specific link for each place you publish. Each content would have the same link when published to the same place.

Here are three ways of doing this.

1 Have some tracking software that will give you a separate link for each site, and will let you see what traffic it’s sending you. Very fast, after enough content and link clicks, you can see which site is best for your content.

2 For each place you publish, create a separate squeeze page for each site. In your host’s traffic information you’ll be able to see which squeeze pages are getting the most traffic, and therefore which sites are best for you.

3 Create an autoresponder with a code, for each separate squeeze page. You can see where the traffic is coming from, and you’ll be able to see who goes on to buy from you later.

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