Content Subscribers Will Probably Buy More

by Joe Fuller

A subscriber who has come from a piece of your content will probably buy more from you.

There’s a high probability they were searching to find out about your content topic, when they came across you. They like the content and see it as containing value for them, and they want to see if you can provide them with more value. So they click your link. Such people are purposefully searching and not simply clicking an ad or banner out of curiosity as they surf the internet. In other words, your content pre-qualifies your subscribers.

If they like your content, its tone and way of working, they may feel you’re someone they can trust and maybe work with. They take the action of clicking the link to find out. Again, it’s purposive action. When they get to your opt in page that feeling of trust and liking follows naturally through to signing up to your list. That means once they get your first email you don’t have to start from scratch as you’re building on the foundation of your content. In addition, that means you can make offers faster and get buyers faster.

Building your list with people from your content means you’re getting pre-qualified subscribers who want more value from you.

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