Your Vital Niche Choice

by Joe Fuller

Your niche choice is vital to your business. That is, whether it will grow and develop, or just die out fast. The greater the focus the better for its success and the the greater the revenue should be.

Have you chosen a niche because there’s lots of traffic? Or you think there’s lots of money to be made in it? But in neither case know anything about it? It’s unlikely you’ll be successful in it. First, you probably have not any genuine interest in its topics. Second, you have not got the niche language to talk to other niche members. Third, because of these two, it’ll be difficult to get people to trust you.

1 Do some brainstorming on what actually interests you.

2 Choose one you know enough about that you could write 100 articles on it if you had to. Of course, you don’t have to know everything at the beginning, but enough to be able to keep going at the start. You have to keep learning and finding out about your niche.

3 There have to be enough people who want to know about your niche. Choose its top keyword and search for it. How many pages are there? A decent number probably means there’s enough interest for you to be able to make money in it. This is more so if there are a number of ads in the searches, and especially if the same ads have been running a long time.

4 Another view of small niches is that just one of them may not result in a lot of revenue. But if you have many of them you can have enough to make continuous money.


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