What’s Your Unique Position?

by Joe Fuller

The niche you’re in, or want to be in, is probably packed with other marketers. You have to be able to offer something in your niche that is as close to unique to you as possible.

Think about when you’re checking your emails. I’d bet you don’t actually open them all, every one of them. Also, that you first open the ones of names you recognize and have had good information from before. In fact, you might almost ignore the subject line.What you’re after is what this person has to say which you’ve found valuable previously.

You’re also more open to becoming a customer of theirs. You like their positioning in your niche. There’s something different from other marketers in the niche, and maybe you like the way they go about their business. Whatever it is, you think it’s always worth reading their emails.

What’s your positioning?

Have you some sort of expertise, more than the average person in your niche? Maybe it’s about developing products or setting up a niche website.

Have you managed to gain knowledge and experience with a specific traffic method? You could develop information and services to help others in your niche.

Do like to speak with others and explain things in your niche? Coaching or audio creation could be your exact position.

Do you know a way to list build in your niche, so you can tell people through your own emails and courses?

Have you been successful in using free information? You could show your subscribers how to do that.

However you position yourself or whatever your position is in your niche, work out what it is and use it as guide as to your actions in your online business.

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