Using A Squeeze Page As Your Website Entry

by Joe Fuller

Having a squeeze page at the front of your website means visitors can opt in to your list before entering your site. If you simply have a sign up form available for when people want to opt in, there’ll probably be fewer who will do so.

An argument against doing this is that it’s best to let visitors see your site content before offering the chance to sign up to your list. It’s true, of course, that faced with signing up before entering your site, a lot of people will refuse to do so, and you lose a lot of potential subscribers. However, those who do sign up at the front of your site are more likely to be interested in your niche and particular topics in it. In effect, you’re pre-qualifying your subscribers as potential customers.

If they won’t give you their email address, are they likely to send you money for your products?

But those who sign up will be interested in what you have to offer and could become your customer quickly for a product solution they were searching for when they came across some of your content. In any case, with someone on a list, you have more chance to make offers and sell to them over and over as you provide solutions they need and want.

Contrast that with sending people directly to a sales page. That page has to do all the work of convincing visitors to buy on a one-time visit, without any building of trust in you or knowledge of you. The percentage who buy will be much smaller.

It’s best to forget those who will not subscribe with you, and focus on the long term gain for both you and your subscribers.

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