Your Effective Squeeze Page Creation

by Joe Fuller

Your headline on your squeeze page needs to create some excitement and interest in your free offer. If that happens then it’s most likely your visitors will read the rest of the page. Only then can you get a new subscriber. Of course, a poor headline will leave them cold and they’ll disappear.

Now you need to sell them your freebie. Give the benefits for them of getting your freebie. Make it clear what solution if provides to what problem. They’ve probably clicked through because they recognize the issue in your link. They are looking for answers. Give bullet points about the solution and what’s in the freebie.

The freebie needs to be kept quite short as it’s the value of the material to the subscriber that’s important. Plus they are more motivated to go through it all. For example, a 10 minute video that’s to the point or a less than 10 page PDF or a 10 minute audio. You can then quickly present them with a link in your freebie to your related product.

You must have an autoresponder service who will give you the form that subscribers will sign up through. It’s probably best to ask only for their email and not their first name. The name is becoming less important in people opting in, and in use in your emails. If you can, and if you want to, you might send new subscribers to a sales page for a related cheap product of yours.

Aim to have ways of getting them to be buyers as soon as possible but without having to deal in hype.

Don’t bother about key words as you’re not aiming to have the page high in the search engines.

However, have a clear goal for each separate page. Don’t mix up goals on one page but keep it clear for the visitor.

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