A Continuous Flow Of Traffic To Your Site With Content

by Joe Fuller

Have you tried different methods of getting traffic to your site, such as ads, pay per click, bought traffic, or affiliates?

Why not depend on your own efforts instead of other systems or people? With content you can get backlinks to your site, or wherever you link to, and ranked in the search engines.

This is not a fast method, so be prepared for a slow build over time.

Try this.

First, create content about your niche or some aspect of it, or the email campaign you use once people sign up to your list.

Second, have a link back to your website, at the end of your content.

Third, attract people to click the link and sign up by offering a valuable freebie.

Fourth, put your content on high ranked sites. Test sites out and drop any not giving you the return you expect.

Fifth, why wait to begin?

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