Your Start In Your Email Marketing

by Joe Fuller

Email marketing is delivering emails to people so you can make offers to them so you generate revenue. Before you start sending emails, work out what it is you’ll offer to your subscribers, if you haven’t already done so.

How to begin.

First, never use SPAM. Avoid making the mistake of doing so by checking up on what it is and the legalities around it. Basically, it’s avoiding sending your emails to people who have not asked for them. To do that you have to get them to opt in to your list. Then make sure they can leave your list when they want to by unsubscribing.

Second, have a website with a squeeze page. People join your list by filling in their email address, and usually their name, in the form on your squeeze page.

Third, you get that form from the autoresponder you’ve bought into. You must have a decent autoresponder. This will send out your emails automatically once you’ve set them up.

Fourth, get traffic to the squeeze page so that people can subscribe to your list.

Fifth, email your list valuable content that will help them and be of use to them in your niche.

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