How To Use Your Time Effectively In Your Business

by Joe Fuller

Business is about getting things done so you can generate revenue. Unfortunately, when you have a home business it’s very easy to be distracted. You are your own authority: you decide when to start and stop, and how much to do by when.

Many business owners struggle with this. Hours can pass reading emails, surfing, fiddling with a bit of content and so on. The results for a whole day’s work can seem paltry. Where did the time go?

Get round this by making a decision you’ll stick with, that you’ll do one key task, such as create content or create an email campaign. Then start doing it. You might set a time limit, or you might decide to keep going and do nothing else until that one task is finished.

If you have several key tasks to do in one week, then do one each day until finished. Or set a time limit for each one each day, so you know you’ll have done them at the end of the week. Don’t do anything else.

Another thing is to remove any distractions in your work area. Close down your email, close unnecessary websites, switch off your phone or have it on voicemail. You can then respond to any of these when you’re finished what you aimed to do. If you keep being distracted, work will never be completed and the business will never run as you want it to.

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