How To Keep Your Subscribers Reading Your Emails

by Joe Fuller

You write an email sequence, maybe as a campaign leading up to your offer. But unless your subscribers keep opening and then reading your emails, your sequence will have come to a stop before it’s even started. You can’t make money unless you can get subscribers to your offers. Maybe, you’re also selling ad space. Advertisers will drop away when they see poor results.

What’s the key to consistent subscriber reading of your emails?

First, they signed up initially because of seeing you as a credible source of information. That has to be maintained and developed. Each email has to deliver some value to them or else there’s no point in them opening the emails. The result is they’re not clicking your links.

Second, whatever the email subject is, your email information has to go with it. Also, avoid using hyped email subjects just to get emails opened. If they think you’re misleading them, they’ll ignore you or opt out.

Third, keep them involved by asking questions. Answer those questions next email or in one soon after. That is, you’re communicating with them and responding to them. Some people will wait expectantly for each new email.

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