Write Emails That Keep Their Interest And Yours

by Joe Fuller

I mean that when you’re creating emails every day you have to maintain your enthusiasm too. You want the emails to feel brand new and conversational so they have the desired effect you want.

People have to find out over time how to write emails.

If you use somebody’s techniques for email writing, the same way day in and day out, you’d quite quickly get fed up with it. Try to avoid that way of working. The emails have to come from you as a person, and subscribers will recognize that.

The key things are to grab their attention, keep it, and almost compel them to click to the sales page. You can use variations on this so you’re not using the same pattern of organization all the time.

Instead, write as yourself. They should feel as if they are coming from you as an individual. Reflect your own feelings and attitudes to issues you’re addressing. Some people may not agree with you but they’ll still look forward to your next email because the basic quality is of addressing them personally, and not according to some marketing techniques. Just like your relationship with a good friend.

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