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Month: December, 2015

Tracking Your Content To Be More effective

If you’re creating content it’s vital to track that content to enable you to focus your efforts. This is in terms of both the actual content you create and where you publish it.

Publishing to several different places, you need to see which are sending you the most subscribers or traffic. For example, if only one is sending you a number of subscribers much more than the others, then you can concentrate on that one and drop the rest.

Without tracking you won’t know if that’s happening.

The straightforward way is to have a specific link for each place you publish. Each content would have the same link when published to the same place.

Here are three ways of doing this.

1 Have some tracking software that will give you a separate link for each site, and will let you see what traffic it’s sending you. Very fast, after enough content and link clicks, you can see which site is best for your content.

2 For each place you publish, create a separate squeeze page for each site. In your host’s traffic information you’ll be able to see which squeeze pages are getting the most traffic, and therefore which sites are best for you.

3 Create an autoresponder with a code, for each separate squeeze page. You can see where the traffic is coming from, and you’ll be able to see who goes on to buy from you later.

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Content Subscribers Will Probably Buy More

A subscriber who has come from a piece of your content will probably buy more from you.

There’s a high probability they were searching to find out about your content topic, when they came across you. They like the content and see it as containing value for them, and they want to see if you can provide them with more value. So they click your link. Such people are purposefully searching and not simply clicking an ad or banner out of curiosity as they surf the internet. In other words, your content pre-qualifies your subscribers.

If they like your content, its tone and way of working, they may feel you’re someone they can trust and maybe work with. They take the action of clicking the link to find out. Again, it’s purposive action. When they get to your opt in page that feeling of trust and liking follows naturally through to signing up to your list. That means once they get your first email you don’t have to start from scratch as you’re building on the foundation of your content. In addition, that means you can make offers faster and get buyers faster.

Building your list with people from your content means you’re getting pre-qualified subscribers who want more value from you.

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Success Mindset In Your Internet Marketing

Have you bought into someone’s system? Or are you going it alone? Either way it’s the same problem: no action occurs by itself. You have to make things happen.

People have the expectation that money will be made quickly. But most is made long term, and after you’ve done actions at least a few times.

Even if you got a couple of hundred subscribers from your first content generation sending traffic to your squeeze page, this result doesn’t tell you how things will develop. Whichever traffic method, for example, you use will involve building up over time.

You still have to expect you will need to want to have the mindset of overcoming obstacles and disappointments, right through your business building.

Results will fluctuate. Visitors’ reactions to your style of doing things, vary in different ways. You still have to keep learning, and change when necessary. And keep changing so you’re on target for your business goals.

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Your Vital Niche Choice

Your niche choice is vital to your business. That is, whether it will grow and develop, or just die out fast. The greater the focus the better for its success and the the greater the revenue should be.

Have you chosen a niche because there’s lots of traffic? Or you think there’s lots of money to be made in it? But in neither case know anything about it? It’s unlikely you’ll be successful in it. First, you probably have not any genuine interest in its topics. Second, you have not got the niche language to talk to other niche members. Third, because of these two, it’ll be difficult to get people to trust you.

1 Do some brainstorming on what actually interests you.

2 Choose one you know enough about that you could write 100 articles on it if you had to. Of course, you don’t have to know everything at the beginning, but enough to be able to keep going at the start. You have to keep learning and finding out about your niche.

3 There have to be enough people who want to know about your niche. Choose its top keyword and search for it. How many pages are there? A decent number probably means there’s enough interest for you to be able to make money in it. This is more so if there are a number of ads in the searches, and especially if the same ads have been running a long time.

4 Another view of small niches is that just one of them may not result in a lot of revenue. But if you have many of them you can have enough to make continuous money.


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What’s Your Unique Position?

The niche you’re in, or want to be in, is probably packed with other marketers. You have to be able to offer something in your niche that is as close to unique to you as possible.

Think about when you’re checking your emails. I’d bet you don’t actually open them all, every one of them. Also, that you first open the ones of names you recognize and have had good information from before. In fact, you might almost ignore the subject line.What you’re after is what this person has to say which you’ve found valuable previously.

You’re also more open to becoming a customer of theirs. You like their positioning in your niche. There’s something different from other marketers in the niche, and maybe you like the way they go about their business. Whatever it is, you think it’s always worth reading their emails.

What’s your positioning?

Have you some sort of expertise, more than the average person in your niche? Maybe it’s about developing products or setting up a niche website.

Have you managed to gain knowledge and experience with a specific traffic method? You could develop information and services to help others in your niche.

Do like to speak with others and explain things in your niche? Coaching or audio creation could be your exact position.

Do you know a way to list build in your niche, so you can tell people through your own emails and courses?

Have you been successful in using free information? You could show your subscribers how to do that.

However you position yourself or whatever your position is in your niche, work out what it is and use it as guide as to your actions in your online business.

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Using A Squeeze Page As Your Website Entry

Having a squeeze page at the front of your website means visitors can opt in to your list before entering your site. If you simply have a sign up form available for when people want to opt in, there’ll probably be fewer who will do so.

An argument against doing this is that it’s best to let visitors see your site content before offering the chance to sign up to your list. It’s true, of course, that faced with signing up before entering your site, a lot of people will refuse to do so, and you lose a lot of potential subscribers. However, those who do sign up at the front of your site are more likely to be interested in your niche and particular topics in it. In effect, you’re pre-qualifying your subscribers as potential customers.

If they won’t give you their email address, are they likely to send you money for your products?

But those who sign up will be interested in what you have to offer and could become your customer quickly for a product solution they were searching for when they came across some of your content. In any case, with someone on a list, you have more chance to make offers and sell to them over and over as you provide solutions they need and want.

Contrast that with sending people directly to a sales page. That page has to do all the work of convincing visitors to buy on a one-time visit, without any building of trust in you or knowledge of you. The percentage who buy will be much smaller.

It’s best to forget those who will not subscribe with you, and focus on the long term gain for both you and your subscribers.

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Your Effective Squeeze Page Creation

Your headline on your squeeze page needs to create some excitement and interest in your free offer. If that happens then it’s most likely your visitors will read the rest of the page. Only then can you get a new subscriber. Of course, a poor headline will leave them cold and they’ll disappear.

Now you need to sell them your freebie. Give the benefits for them of getting your freebie. Make it clear what solution if provides to what problem. They’ve probably clicked through because they recognize the issue in your link. They are looking for answers. Give bullet points about the solution and what’s in the freebie.

The freebie needs to be kept quite short as it’s the value of the material to the subscriber that’s important. Plus they are more motivated to go through it all. For example, a 10 minute video that’s to the point or a less than 10 page PDF or a 10 minute audio. You can then quickly present them with a link in your freebie to your related product.

You must have an autoresponder service who will give you the form that subscribers will sign up through. It’s probably best to ask only for their email and not their first name. The name is becoming less important in people opting in, and in use in your emails. If you can, and if you want to, you might send new subscribers to a sales page for a related cheap product of yours.

Aim to have ways of getting them to be buyers as soon as possible but without having to deal in hype.

Don’t bother about key words as you’re not aiming to have the page high in the search engines.

However, have a clear goal for each separate page. Don’t mix up goals on one page but keep it clear for the visitor.

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A Continuous Flow Of Traffic To Your Site With Content

Have you tried different methods of getting traffic to your site, such as ads, pay per click, bought traffic, or affiliates?

Why not depend on your own efforts instead of other systems or people? With content you can get backlinks to your site, or wherever you link to, and ranked in the search engines.

This is not a fast method, so be prepared for a slow build over time.

Try this.

First, create content about your niche or some aspect of it, or the email campaign you use once people sign up to your list.

Second, have a link back to your website, at the end of your content.

Third, attract people to click the link and sign up by offering a valuable freebie.

Fourth, put your content on high ranked sites. Test sites out and drop any not giving you the return you expect.

Fifth, why wait to begin?

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How To Use Your Time Effectively In Your Business

Business is about getting things done so you can generate revenue. Unfortunately, when you have a home business it’s very easy to be distracted. You are your own authority: you decide when to start and stop, and how much to do by when.

Many business owners struggle with this. Hours can pass reading emails, surfing, fiddling with a bit of content and so on. The results for a whole day’s work can seem paltry. Where did the time go?

Get round this by making a decision you’ll stick with, that you’ll do one key task, such as create content or create an email campaign. Then start doing it. You might set a time limit, or you might decide to keep going and do nothing else until that one task is finished.

If you have several key tasks to do in one week, then do one each day until finished. Or set a time limit for each one each day, so you know you’ll have done them at the end of the week. Don’t do anything else.

Another thing is to remove any distractions in your work area. Close down your email, close unnecessary websites, switch off your phone or have it on voicemail. You can then respond to any of these when you’re finished what you aimed to do. If you keep being distracted, work will never be completed and the business will never run as you want it to.

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You May As Well Start Your Online Business Now

Every person and their dog wants to start an online business. Yet they hesitate or begin something, find it doesn’t work and stop.

How to begin?

1 Decide on something you’re interested in, and that you know enough about to be able to help others with. Just start working on it, and if it doesn’t work out, sell the site and start again with another subject.

2 Get hosting, and set up a WordPress website through it. You can use a free theme on it. If you want to buy one, don’t bother with anything fancy, just keep within what you can afford.

3 Write some posts on your subject, straight into WordPress and publish them. There’s no need to for any HTML.

4 Write some other unique articles and publish them on high ranked websites. You can see websites I use as examples, such as this one you’re reading.

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