Be In Charge Of Your online Time

by Joe Fuller

Most people seem to have a problem managing their time. This is especially so online. You can spend hours genuinely looking for information related to your online business, and yet be no further forward.

You have to manage your time online if you want to generate enough profits. People can waste so much time that they make hardly any progress at all.

Before you go online, draft out what you want to do in the time you’ve got. Decide on limits for doing tasks such as searching. Not finished tasks in that time? Then stop and decide to complete them another time but not now. Found something interesting? Copy and paste or record the web address or download it, so you can go through it later or another day.

Filter your emails. Deal with the key ones only, that you either need to read or give a reply to. Leave the rest and go onto business building tasks. Have you noticed how some people get some sort of notification when they get a new email? It’s a waste of your time if you stop what you’re doing to read it. It’s much more productive to keep focusing on the task in hand. Try closing down your email service while you work.

Set times for when you work online. If you do this haphazardly, such as a couple of hours here and there when you feel like it, you can’t get any continuity or momentum going. People who work this way go on like this for years with minimum progress or just eventually stop altogether.

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