Your Business Development With Content

by Joe Fuller

Are you having problems extending the reach of your business? You want to increase the number of interested visitors to your site? You’ve probably bought some traffic and used some ads. You might be able to get lots of people to have a look but then they click away without subscribing or buying.

With content, such as articles, relevant to the people in your niche, and published on high ranked sites where those people go online, you have 2 effects.

One is that you get backlinks back to your website, or wherever you point them. Search engines use these to assess how popular a site is. They then rank most popular sites high on their search results.

The second effect is of your content being in search results. People can then click through from your content result to your site or wherever you send them. Searchers click because they see a relevance in your content to what they’re looking for. That is, the traffic is targeted.

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